Idaho had our 6th, and last, Hometown Throwdown of the year on Saturday. Idaho, Oregon and Washington are on fire, and that resulted in a smoke filled sky in Cascade, Idaho. Not a lot of people are traveling out of Boise due to the fires.

After a brisk morning we had warm temps for our event. We ran 3 rides this event and really had a lot of fun. A great air show put on by Connor Voorhees, Mike Voorhees, Crosby Crevelt and Troy Wilson. Everyone had some good moves up their sleeves – so a good show by all.

A special thanks to all of our WK sponsors and to our local shops (Alpenglow Mountainsport, Salamander Paddle Gear, and River Gear) that donated prizes as well. Also a big thank you to Kelly’s Whitewater Park for allowing us to hold events at this world-class park! All of these guys help make our events more fun!