This year started with a significant amount of newbies to WW paddling coming out to the ten weeks of pool sessions at Trent University. Awesome. Both young and not-as-young, a common demographic for the Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers, were introduced to this brilliant sport. Outfitted and guided by members of the Club, the newbies excelled and were prepared for the start of the spring runs.

WW kayaking takes us to places in Ontario that can be a bit off of the beaten track… sometimes way off the beaten track. A group of us signed up for a wilderness first aid course, held over two days. Great experience and another tool for the toolbox.

Your author being attended to by KWP members, Tom, Steve and Marcie.

That was some cold winter. And snow?… a lot of snow. Thinking that a lot of snow would translate into an epic spring paddling season turned out to be untrue. A slow and gradual spring melt, and absence of significant spring rains meant the usual spring-run rivers and creeks failed to rise to their expected levels. There were some concerns whether or not our WW festival, MACKfest, would happen this year. Based on experience and a bit of luck, MACKfest was postponed from its originally scheduled weekend which turned out to be the best move. The new weekend was gorgeous with elevated temperatures and blue skies. There was much success with lots of paddlers running features that were a real challenge for them. 100% success rate. You can’t get much better than that.