Last night’s Hometown Throwdown was a success! We had a huge turnout for the flat-water slalom race. Big thanks to those who came out to support the local paddling community. There were a few experienced paddlers who came out to participate, but the majority were novice paddlers looking for some excitement. It was great to see all the new faces, and connect with more paddlers in town. This year we have two more beginner friendly events planned in the month of July.


Event Results:

1st – Tommy Thompson
2nd – E Thomas Conning
3rd – Jerod Ready
4th – Taylor Hensen
5th – Joseph Michael Sanders

1st – Gwendolyn Parker
2nd – Jill Murphy
3rd – Kaila Sanders

1st – Elayna Hixon

1st: Colleen Cole / Ian Cole (Tandem Kayak)
2nd: Andy Quick (Paddle Board)
3rd: Amy Quick (Paddle Board)