Despite record early season low flows, there was a great turn out for the first Home Town Throw Down event in Spokane. Seventeen boaters showed up to bump elbows in a Boater Cross style sprint through the Mini Climax and Sullivan Hole Rapids. The low flows made the slack water between the two rapids long and still. This was the big equalizer for all heats as each competitor paddled hard through the slow section and trying to maintain or gain position. The tired arms were showing as they bunched up for the final eddy turn and ferry to the finish. For finals an additional gate was added at the bottom of the Mini Climax Rapid as a pinch point to bunch the group up for a fun battle across the slow section. A big thanks to World Kayak and their sponsors for making these events possible. The final results are listed below:
Heat 1: 1. Kurt Dobbins, 2. Brian Jamieson, 3. Jim Eaton, 4. Darren Kellogg, 5. Norm Smith
Heat 2: 1. Chris Dibble, 2. Kevin Pryor, 3. Mark Moore, 4. Ron Coddington, 5. Ben Piaskowski
Heat 3: 1. Hayden Smith, 2. Theron Vanhoff, 3. Marcus Lees, 4. Celene Olgeisson, 5. Chris Jundt, 6. Earnie Wright
1. Kurt Dobbins
2. Brian Jamieson
3. Chris Dibble
4. Hayden Smith
5.Kevin Pryor
6. Theron Vanhoff
Thanks to those that helped with safety. A big thanks to Chris Celentano and Ron Coddington for some great Pics. We will see what the river provides for our next event next Wednesday 6/24…