Hi Everyone!

Exciting news today! A handful of our most experienced course constructionists set to Wausau Whitewater park to repair the damage at little drop done by the flood last spring. Every year we struggle with flood damage due to the high waters from the spring thaw, and the trees and ice shelves that manage to find their way down the channel. But every year, someone steps up with a small amount of funds that seem to be just enough to repair the damage. Our hope is that in the future, we can secure the right permit and the more extensive amount of funding to secure our rocks and features and prevent flood damage.

But that is for another day….because today you can see, that little drop is back to a Midwest Freestyle Championship caliber feature! Check it out for yourself everyone as the reigning Midwest Freestyle Champion shows off what it can do! https://www.facebook.com/WausauWhitewater?fref=ts