Originally, the Boulder Bend Bash was intended to be a team time trial event. However, the day the race took place there were one thousand other things going on between The Leavenworth Film Festival and the rafting companies being slammed. So we mixed things up a little bit.

Andy cannot wait to fill out this waiver.

Kyle Scott discussing his training techniques with Tegan

Cody Albright finishing an interview while his team prepares his equipment

Our core group of racers slowly trickled into the take out at the Happy Wave Beach Club where Osprey Rafting was kind enough to let us set up shop. With all of the river guide kayakers tied up in their entertainment duties, we had a relatively small turn out. Nonetheless, it was the most diverse turn out of paddlers any Leavenworth World Kayak event had ever seen.

Hailing from Colorado, we had Andy Zeiger representing the squirt boater scene with team Shark Attack. From Ellensburg, Washington, Eric Wintard was bringing it tough with the inflatable kayak. Holding it down for the modern creek boat class was Kyle Scott, and last but lot least, Darren and Cody Albright had their game faces on as they prepared to assault the race in the Dynamic Duo. I would also like to give a big shout out to Tegan Owens from British Columbia for helping out with the race and gracing us with her presence.



Racers mentally prepare themselves while attending the pre race meeting.

With the broad spectrum of boat designs and paddlers, we decided go with a mass start format for this race. Starting at Barn Beach in Leavenworth, racers navigated those fast lines through Hobo’s Gulch and Boulder Bend. I paddled ahead in my Jackson Karma RG and set up a finish line across the river from the KOA camp ground. Racers whipped into the eddy, one after the next, with plenty of little stories of how rad the last ten minutes had been. The stoke was high as the last paddler made it to the finish line and we all casually floated down to happy wave where the award ceremony went down.

Andy is stoked on his new Leavenworth Mountain Sport schwag.

Cody came up on some instructional DVD’s and some World Kayak stickers to place conspicuously on his parents things.

Happy Wave Beach club was popping as everyone collected their winnings.

Another successful event on the Wenatchee River. Join us on June 13th for the Cherry Hole Freestyle Throw Down at 5:00 PM. Thanks to everyone who came out and got rad at the Boulder Bend Dash!