Hometown Throwdown

June 3, 2015

Destin Harrell finishing a Left Spin on Grandma Cody

1st – Jerod Ready

2nd – Ed Conning

3rd – Destin Harrell

4th – Ken Do

We had a great group of boaters out this weekend. The day before, with flows around 2,500cfs, our options were limited. There was decent surf on Silver Tube(a fast intimidating wave), and Demaris (a slightly retentive hole). Then the day of the competition arrived, and the water level jumped to 4,000cfs. This opened a third option known as Grandma Cody. Grandma Cody is a big playful wave with a large foam-pile. The first ride began with Destin Harrell entering the wave, throwing two smooth left and right spins, and a left shove-it. A few others riders entered the feature, coming out with similar rides. The point race was on! With the top 4 paddlers within 5 points of one another, Ed Conning came out and threw a left blunt, and a backstab. Up next Jerod Ready entered the feature and finished his ride with a Pan Am. All participants collected some epic prizes. The June 17th competition will be located at Beck Lake. We will be getting the beginners out for a flatwater slalom course. Bring your speed, as this will be a timed event. See you out there!