Super excited to say that our local paddling shop, Kayak Shed, is joining us for this years events.  Kayak Shed was super excited to help out with our spring, summer and fall events.

What events?  We are working on scheduling monthly class II (maybe one class III rapid) paddles for those who have just gotten into paddling.  Or for those who have been around a little while and want to share some of their knowledge with new paddlers.

In addition we are looking at a “fun” downriver race for newer paddlers.  This will be a relatively short (less than mile) downriver race.  This will most likely be the last 1/2 mile of the lower Klickitat held in conjunction with a beginner paddle.  While we are all love competition, the point will be to get out and have some fun.  There will be some prizes for just showing up.

Keep watching this blog and our Facebook page, , for updates.