One of the things I love most about kayaking is sharing how much fun it is. The Jackson Kayak Duo is the perfect way to share the joy of kayaking with other people.

This past weekend, a friend wanted to run the Tellico with us, but she wasn’t quite ready for it yet. Good thing we brought the Duo! After a little convincing, I got her to jump in the front of the Duo and let me take her down.


At first, Harley was very nervous about going with me in the Duo, but she still bucked up and got in the river. My first thoughts about the boat where how stable it was. I could correct all of her wrong movements very easily.

Through the first couple of rapids, the I had to adjust to the how fast the boat was. It was like paddling a longboat! We were zooming through holes and flying off of drops in no time.Tellico-Duo-1

We made it down half the river with only one swim, then it was time for Baby Falls. As we sat in the pool above Baby Falls, I could feel Harley’s legs shaking in the boat. She didn’t want to admit it, but I knew she was nervous. I explained to her the line, then it was time to go


We peeled out and charged for the lip. Harley was paddling as hard as she could and I was steering. I watched her fall off of the lip and took a huge boot stroke. We launched off the lip with a good angle. Not too flat and not to vertical.


As soon as we landed, Harley screamed with joy.

“Lets do it again!” she said.

I couldn’t resist smiling for the rest of the day.