Hey Gang,
It’s March in the Columbia River Gorge (Hood River OR). This weekend is bringing sunny, 65 degree weather. Awesome weekend for boating. So what is there to do in the Columbia Gorge? Well OKCC (Oregon Kayak Canoe Club) has their beginning Progression paddle this weekend. They will also have their Intermediate Progression Paddle on March 22nd. Check https://www.facebook.com/groups/122765061153276/ for information. Also the Lower Columbia Canoe Club has frequent weekend travels. For information check http://l-ccc.org/ .
As for other events, the NW Creeking completion is kicking off on March 14th. Check http://www.wwchampionship.org/schedule/ for information on that.
With spring approaching we (World Kayak) will be kicking off the beginner weekend day. We will be picking a day during a weekend and paddling something on either the Klickitat or White Salmon. This will be Class I and II rapids with maybe a class III rapid (which is avoidable). This will be a monthly occurrence, but dates may vary. This will be a great opportunity for new and beginner paddlers to get some assistance on getting to know the local rivers in the Columbia Gorge with more experienced paddlers along for safety and guidance.
Don’t forget to check our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/World-Kayak-Pacific-Northwest/1550594721886158 for updates and additional information for paddlers in the Portland, Hood River, and other areas in between.