I have dreamt of running the Green River Narrows for almost 2 years now. My main goal for 2015 was to run the Green towards the end of the year. Never did I realize that I would be running it so soon.

Late Wednesday night, I get a text from Pat Keller asking if I wanted to run the Green with him and Hunt Jennings. At first, I was nervous about jumping on it so soon, but I couldn’t think of a better crew to go with.

We put on the Upper Green smiling and cheerful, but I knew what was coming down stream. As we passed the put in for the Narrows, we all got quite. This was the first time I that I got really nervous. The first few rapids weren’t very bad, but when we got out to scout Frankenstein, things started to get sketchy.

Pat showed me a few different lines and explained the consequences of each one. We decided to take the race line because it was the most straight forward. I climbed in my boat and followed Pat. I started out with a nice line through the beginning of the rapid, but noticed that I started my boof stroke too early at the lip. I corrected it with a big, right sweep stroke and landed just where I wanted.

As we continued down river, I became less nervous with each rapid that I went through. Pincushion, Whale Tale, and Boof-Or-Consequence were not as intimidating as Frankenstein, but still very fun.

Go Left Or Die had been in the back of my mind ever since I put on the river. Pat said that I had the skill to run it, but I wasn’t sure if I was able to. Pat explained the sneak line to us and we decided to run it. Pat sat in the eddy at the to of Go Left so that if we started to drop toward it he would be able to push us away. I was the first to go down the sneak and had a fairly solid line. While I was sitting the eddy, I saw Hunt drop in to the main line at Go Left. He got hung up in the hole and almost splatted the rock in the center then flipped. At first I was worried that he might be hurt, but he rolled up smiling and I knew he was fine.

We strolled through the next few rapids before arriving at Reverse Seven Foot and Zwicks. We got out and scouted Zwicks while George Boss showed us how to run it. George made it look easy, but I knew it wasn’t. I climbed in my boat right behind Pat once again. I watched hime drop off of Reverse Seven Foot, then followed his line. I came in to the top hole of Zwicks a little more left than I wanted, which made me miss the race line that I was aiming for. So I continued down the normal line and boofed off of the drop.It was so much fun that I had to scream with joy at the bottom.

The nervousness returned once again as I pulled up to Chief. Pat had showed me all of the dangers and how to run it. So I followed him once again into the rapid. I punched the top hole and drove hard to the right. I dropped down and had to brace on my right side but came out fine.

I started my portage of the famous Gorilla just in time to watch Pat throw a massive freewheel off it. So I launched off the seal slide into the bottom of Gorilla and charged down Nie’s Pieces to find Pat waiting for me in the eddy. After watching him surf for a minute, we continued down the slides, I got a little hung up in a hole but kept on going. Ducking under the log at rapid transit was pretty sketchy, but the slide was really fun.

After running the kicker at Groove Tube, I decided not to run Sunshine. So I hiked down to the bottom and watched everybody run it. Maybe next time Sunshine!

After sunshine it was all really fun, yet fairly easy whitewater. I started to ease up, not knowing what was ahead. I was cruising along, when suddenly I realized that I was at Hammer Factor! Too late to correct my line now! Bam!! I slammed right in to the wall and flipped. As I rolled up, I thought to myself, “What a great way to end my dry hair day!”

Special thanks to Pat Keller, Hunt Jennings, and George Boss!

Written By Garrett Madlock