The Chattooga river (section 3.5) was one of my first rivers. This was the river that really hooked me on kayaking. Bull Sluice was my first real “waterfall”. I haven’t returned to this river since the beginning of last year, and I was very surprised.


I have improved my boating skills a lot since the last time I was at the Chattooga river, and I didn’t realize how many boofs, slots, and attainments there were! Luckily I brought the best boat for these things!


The new Zen was zipping through slots and speeding up attainments so easily! I loved how easy boofing was as well. Chattooga was the perfect place to test the new Zen. I was launching off of Double Drop and sliding through Toaster Slot effortlessly.

I can’t wait to try harder rivers with my new favorite boat! Below is a link to my video of Chattooga.