Low water MD Chute Out. Photo by Joe Scoresby








The last Chute Out of 2014 was held Sept. 25th at the MD Chute. The lack of rain meant that the level would be low, 2.7ft to be exact. That meant that retentive moves would be hard to come by at the MD Chute. The lack of daylight would also force us to get the event started early, which wouldn’t be a problem.

Some folks would be basking in the Gauley afterglow ( I know I was ), and we were not expecting a big crowd due to that and the water level, but seven hardy competitors showed up nonetheless on an overcast, drizzly, kinda fall like day.

We all managed to have a great time and wrapped up the Chute Out Series on a high note. To reward the folks for participating, we had a double round of the raffle, so everybody won a couple items= sweet! Thanks to all our sponsors who donated prizes for the raffle= Jackson Kayak, World Kayak, Astral, Shred Ready, Immersion Research, Kokatat, Mountain Khakis, Smith Optics, Chaco, GoPro, Rapid Transit, Stoneyboater, and Ninkasi Brewing. The folks loved the prizes !

A special thanks to all the folks who attended the Chute Outs and competed, helped out running the events, or just spectated. We couldn’t done it without you!

Here are the results of the Sept. Chute Out, with the 2014 Final Results below=


1st-Jim Buley

2nd-Erik Bailey


1st-Jordan Poffenberger


1st-Tracey Currier


1st-Nathaniel Francis


1st-Rich Lowe

2nd-Joe Scoresby

Here are the Final Point standings for 2014=


1st- Jim Buley

2nd- Matt Springer

3rd- (tie) Danny Stock and Jake Jarnik

5th-(tie) Danny Kaufman, Erik Bailey, and Jules Krinsky

8th- Josh Ellis

9th- Tyler Uthus

10th-Bruce Uthus


1st- Adam Carson

2nd- Jono Sirovatka

3rd-Rich Lowe

4th- Howard Moreland

5th-Payton Kulina

6th- Dan Young

7th- Chris Hren

8th- Joe Scoresby

9th-(tie) Ryan Johnson and Mike Connelly

11th-Taylor Kash

12th-Erik Bailey

13th-Eric Friedenson

14th-Jimmy Chernega

15th- David Nasser

16th- Keith Kimmel

17th- Daniel Allig


1st- Kaelin Friedenson

2nd- Nathaniel Francis

3rd- Jacob Marmelstein

4th- (tie)Jordan Sherman and Tyler Pittman

6th- Tom Doland

7th- Tyler Uthus

8th- Henry Bergen

9th- Chris Valcone


1st- Tracey Currier

2nd- Chris “Topher” Butler

3rd- Desiree Porter


1st- Jordan Poffenberger

2nd(tie)-Seth Chapelle and  David Goodwin

4th- Ned Poffenberger


Thanks for a great year of  Chute Out fun!

See you the last Thursday in April for the first 2015 Chute Out


Jim Buley

Valley Mill Kayak School