It was a perfect summer Saturday with the sun shining bright. Super excited about our day on the river Jackson (3) and myself started our trip with our fun tradition of #Madlocking (selfie post to Facebook of all river goers in the vehicle adding hand expressions and goofy smiles. I am sure it has been done before but my buddy  Nathan Madlock gave it a Hashtag for a place in history.

I am posting the overused Brown Claw. I asked Jackson what he was doing and he said “ its a rain cloud Daddy” . Brilliant.

We arrived at the river around 1pm and Jackson was ready to hit the water.

Our paddling partners William and Chris arrived on time. We anxiously set shuttle and got started down the river.

The water level was low. It was perfect for the boys to enjoy some river exploration in the shallows.

They searched for crawfish and minnows up and down the shoreline finding several giggling with delight.

Skipping rocks is a MUST!  you have to try at least once.  I think they tried at least 100.

Once we started down the river again I was really surprised that it had so much fun to offer at such a low level. There is a lot of gradient that still made for some exciting rapids.

The boys had huge smiles on their faces the entire trip. The rapids were gentle and friendly for the youngsters. Jackson looked forward to each one as we approached them and announced “ another rapid Daddy” as we approached the faster sections.

Chris rocked his sit on top the entire trip and didn’t have a single spill.

William was good company and I enjoyed seeing another father son team sharing an unforgettable adventure.

I don’t have to tell you how much fun Jackson was having.

William didn’t stop smiling either. He was flawless in his open canoe.

one of the highlights of the trip was meeting this guy. Jackson has spotted several turtles on our paddle trips.

Surprisingly this was the first one not in a hurry to get away from us.

Nothing beats a hands on experience.

Peek a boo

Another “ Best Day Ever”

Thanks William Gatling for inviting us along……..SYOTR  very sooner  – Lower Lower – DNR to Cartecay River Experience

Written by Rick Thompson