The plan was to meet at the Nantahala put-in at 10:00, and then after we do a run I was going to compete in the NOC canoe club challenge. My dad and I arrived a little bit early, so we decided to stay down at the NOC hole for the day. We ended up seeing Sage Donnelly, Corey Sheenan, and a few other friends. At 12:00 the race had begun. With a few flips and some missed gates, I wasn’t very thrilled with my two runs down the advanced course. While we waited for the results, we messed around in the NOC hole. We hadn’t been in our play-boats for a while, so we were feeling kind of shaky.  My dad and I got in some cartwheels and loops before deciding we should get out to find the rest of our crew. Soon after we got out of our boats, they pulled up to the take out. They told us all about Hailey’s combat roll at pyramid rock, and Dacey’s first time running the falls without flipping. After grabbing some food at Big Wesser BBQ, they went up for a couple of laps on the upper. We stayed back to get the results for the race. I ended up getting first place!!! It was my second slalom race that I had ever done. I also got first place in my first slalom race. I was super exited. We at a late dinner at Rivers End around 8:00. By the time we were finished, it was about 9:00. We walked outside to find that the river was still running! I sat by the river playing with my miniature kayak that I made, while my dad went to get the keys to our room. When he got back the water was higher than normal flow. It was brown like the Cascades, and we saw a few sticks and logs floating down the river. It was getting late so we decided to head up to the bunkhouses. After a few minutes of lying there in the heat, I finally fell asleep.

The next morning we went down to Rivers End for some breakfast. We watched the water rise, then we started our drive to Ocoee. We were supposed to meet up with Joe Grudger at noon for a class. We got there early, again, so we took a nap. Joe came knocking on our window at 12:00. We loaded up the boats on his truck, and headed up to the put-in. Joe showed us a few new lines down Grumpy’s, but dad wasn’t feeling to great in his Wavesport Recon 93. We both demoed some Jackson Karmas the weekend before and we loved them. We ended up deciding that we were just going to have a fun day on the Ocoee instead of doing attainments and crazy moves since dad wasn’t feeling it. But overall it was an awesome weekend. I cant wait for the world kayak Proams this weekend!

Written by Garrett Madlock