For the eighth year running World Kayak wants to help boaters answer this very important question.  Pairs of world class guides will once again volunteer their time to help boaters step it up on this amazing river.  Each team of guides will work with a group of 5 first timers to ensure that we have the most fun possible on the Gauley.  If you are lucky enough to win one of the coveted spots get ready to learn all of the lines and play spots that the Gauley has to offer. 

Boaters who have never boated a section (Lower or Upper) of the Gauley may apply for one of the spots for our trip on Saturday 9/20/2014.  You will simply need to send an email with you paddling resume to  Please include a list of the runs you have paddled, along with the flow, and some of the more challenging lines you have attempted on those runs.  Also include the section of the Gauley that you wish to apply for as well as your phone number.  We will give you a shout and talk about your boating and work together to decide if you are ready to give the Gauley a shot.  Names of approved applicants will be drawn at random to fill the available slots on 9/10/13, and the winners will be notified immediately.  Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

What you need:

Rock-solid rolling ability: not that you have to make the first one every time, but the ability to go for it till you get it is key. Offside rolling, hand-rolling, combat rolling experience a plus.

Class 4 rapid experience: big water, small water, lots of 3+… whatever you’ve got let us know.

Endurance: sure the current does most of the work but adrenaline takes it’s toll so basic fitness should be mentioned and expected.

A go-for-it attitude: the ability to miss a roll or two and come up paddling and smile in the eddy at the bottom is essential to keeping your game sharp from the first rapid to the last.

Equipment: all your own gear, a rope, small snack for the river, and a shuttle vehicle is a plus (but can be arranged at put-in).

See you on the Gauley in Sept!