Clivee describes the hidden treasure he spotted at the bottom of Burleigh Falls


The world's most colourful sport


Hittin' the eddy after a run down Sketchy Left

It’s been a cooler, wetter summer than usual in Central Ontario, leaving many people grumbling but also making for some of the best summer paddling in a couple of years. The water had to drop sometime and it finally did, making Burleigh Falls easier to paddle in many ways but also exposing some of that famous Canadian Shield rock that can take a bite out of you. Although we don’t use it for Fun Run events, just about every week a number of paddlers man (or women) up to run Sketchy Left, our handy little chute that makes for a great creeking practice run. It can be either a raging monster or more of a rocky ditch and both serve up their own challenges. Last week it had its ditch face on, meaning more small holes and exposed rock. One intrepid paddler who has his own spooky history with Sketchy Left bravely stepped up, paddled down and ended up in a bit of trouble. All good in the end but the line of paddlers waiting to run Sketchy kind of tailed off after that.

Week 7 brought out a decent crowd of paddlers who were treated to water that had returned to a much more runnable level. Props to Doug who swallowed hard and ran the dam for the first time ever, smoothly sailing through on a friendly green tongue. Way to go Doug…..take advantage now because unfortunately, our favourite paddler-friendly dam won’t be there forever.


Maybe it was river karma but although the water was great, the event was less of a crowd pleaser….the marathon. Simply put, it involves as much running down the road with your boat pretty much as far as you have to paddle down the river, 2 drops over the falls and 1 quick boat exit and a slippery climb up some treacherous rocks. Although the winner (and overall Fun Run leader) Tony’s first place position is beyond dispute, the results of the paddlers who followed were crazy close. Just behind Tony by 5 seconds was Matt and only 6 seconds separated Zack, Clivee and Tom for 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. Special mention has to be made of Clivee, who ran and paddled the course with a broken toe and still pulled off 4th place. That’s how KWP rolls!!! Full standings appear below.

Fun Run takes a break this week but is back on Wednesday, August 13th. Come on out and do your best to cut Tony’s seemingly unstoppable lead down to size.

Fun Run standings after Week 7
Name Points
Tony 37
Colleen 24
Tom L. 21
Matt 18
Terry S. 18
Dean 17
Zack 17
Hayley 15
Rob Clive 15
Meredith  14
Doug 12
Bruce 11
Rick 11
Pattie 10
Riley 9
Travis W. 9
Paul 8
Glen 7
Stephanie 7
Sue 7
Lisa 6
Pete 6
Rob Kirby 6
Steve 6
Earl 5
Gillian 5
Matt Peters 5
Sebastian  5
Truman 5
Ben L. 4
Cole K. 4
Lora 3
Celina 3
Marcie 2
Nathan 2
Kees 1
Todd A. 1