July was our last official throwdown, but it but some new faces. The weather was great and everyone had a ton of smiles. There was so much spinning around that a few of our competitors got dizzy.

We had 19 competitors for this throwdown. It great to see some new faces in the crowd as each event continues to grow. We even had the return of the hometown celebrity Ms Rowan Stewart (we made her take on the men) after her return from the World Cup in Europe.

So many folks have really grown over the summer and it has been a great series this year. We will end our season with the WK ProAm for First Descents in August.


1. Sierra
2. Evy
3. Greeta
4. Olivia
5. Lili

1. Justin
2. Corey
3. Max
4. Devon
5. Patrick
6. William

2. Rowan
3. Jeff
4. Nathan
5. Jason
6. Scott
7. Justin
8. Mark

Check out these links for photos of the event

Thanks to everyone for coming out, next event is the August 23rd at NOC

Special Thanks to our guest photographers Jeff and Sara, timekeeper KK and Scribe Amy. Thanks to all our great sponsors for making these events possible.