This months HomeTown ThrowDown included people from Alabama and Oregon, as well as the local Idaho paddlers. We had the twelve competitors out on the middle feature here at Kelly’s Whitewater Park, which had been cold the week before, but we were lucky enough to have warm weather and sunshine.

The wave was a little flushy, but not too bad, as long as you landed your tricks right and paddled after each one. Tricks from spins and shuv-its, all the way to loops and Space-Godzillas were thrown, making for an impressive show.

Everyone did two rides, and then went up for a boater-cross. Lucky for us, we had the Payette River Games last weekend, so the ramp was still up. Most of the boater cross competitors slid down the ramp, though  few chose to launch off the bank.

It was a great group, who really made it a fun time for everyone. Thanks to all who showed up. Can’t wait for the next ThrowDown on July 26th. :)