Dean's all smiles after running the meat at the bottom of Burleigh Falls

There was a great turnout, tons of enthusiasm and ample water. But too much of the water was coming from the skies along with thunder and lightning strikes so Week 1 of the 2014 KWP Fun Run Challenge did not feature a competition. This was the first time in all the years of the Fun Run that we weren’t able to dodge threatening weather and squeeze in the event so our track record isn’t all that bad. Everyone that was geared up and ready to go will get 4 points.

Too little boat or too much water?


Despite the conditions a number of paddlers did manage to get a few laps of Burleigh Falls in, with a couple of them having run-ins with a nasty rock at the bottom of the falls. Not usually a hazard but could have something to do with the level of Stoney Lake. Certainly proves the point that you can never take a river for granted, no matter how often you’ve paddled it.

Clivee! Over here!!!


Next Fun Run is scheduled for Wed, June 25. Paddling starts at roughly 6:00PM and the competition will go at approx. 8:00PM, the exact event to be determined by water levels that day. Come on out and join us at Burleigh Falls, approx. 30 minutes north of Peterborough on Hwy 28. All are welcome, check it out and see what makes the Fun Run Series so much, well, darn fun!