The World Kayak Hometown Throwdown is a FUN & FREE freestyle event aimed at friendly competition on the Pigeon River, TN. Judging is fun, rules are easy and prizes are only given out for participation… we draw names from a hat! All boaters / paddlers are welcome to participate! We have everything from big ticket items to stickers, and we have all the paddle wax you could ever want (for free)!

Our World Kayak region has teamed up with local & national sponsors to have this Free event with prizes

NOTE: Please Sign in at the Sign-in Station to help support future recreational releases on the river.

Event Date: Event #1 – 6/21/2014

Feature Locations NOC Wave: (Park at NOC Lot and walk down to their Lower Pigeon Put-in near the Guide houses.)

For Pigeon River Levels call the TVA Gauge: 1-800-899-4435. You can also check the Pigeon Gauge by logging onto this web address: –

Registration/sign-in for Throwdown will begin @ 1:30 P.M. on the day of the events @ the NOC white Tent

The Throwdown will kick off @ 2:30 P.M.

Awards Ceremony and Prize Draw will follow the competition at NOC Pigeon Outpost. You must be present to win a prize. Events will range from simple rodeos to freestyle through-rapid style competitions. Judging will be simple and done by competitors or friends. Points will be awarded for everything, including window shades & underwater sleeping bags! Prizes are given for participation or volunteering, not scores, and a growing list of schwag from our local & national sponsors will be given away via prize draws.

All Throwdowns will be covered at and each competitor will be able to post their results at their personal blogspot for all to see. World Kayak will be providing on-line registration as well as accepting walk-on registrations the day of the events. We encourage you to use the on-line registration system to help us better prepare for the event. The on-line registration system is easy to use and you can access it using this link:

Throw Down Class Registration: Men’s K-1A (Expert): Male kayaker above age 16 who can consistently link three ends

Men’s K-1B (Novice): Male kayaker above age 16 who can not link ends yet…

Women’s K-1: Female kayakers above age 16

C-1: Single blade paddler (open boat or kayak)

Juniors: Youth kayaker age 16 or below

We will also create other classes on the day of the events, if there is enough participation: i.e. K-2 class (Duos), Openclass (inflatable crafts, etc…). If you have any problems or questions about the online registration, please do not hesitate to contact Tommy to get you signed up for the event