The month of May had a lot of rain, and had the Potomac running high quite a bit. The original date of our May Chute out had to be moved due to another rainy day. The May Chute Out was held on Thur.June 5th, and it brought out a big crowd of twenty-one competitors.

The river level was 3.87 , meaning that the feature for the comp. would actually be the MD Chute itself. It was not the ideal level, to say the least, as the MD Chute spot was very wave like, and people would have to work pretty hard to stay retentive on the feature.

One competitor had no problem staying retentive, and that would be our youngest competitor, Kaelin Friedenson. Kaelin was in his Jackson Shooting Star and was a constant feature on the wave, so much so, that I think his new nickname should now be “Klear the wave Kaelin”. Keep an eye on this kid in the future. He is hungry, and getting pretty good already. His score of 67 pts would’ve placed him in 3rd in men’s K1B class!

On to the competition! We had fantastic weather, a big gang of competitors, and plenty of what the kids cal “stoke” for the event. Despite the flushy wave, people were giv’n ‘er and having tons o’ fun, and that is exactly what the MD Chute Out is all about! We had a couple C-1 ers, ten in K1B class, seven in K1A, one Jr (Kaelin), and one SUP’er.

Here are your results/scores=


K1Jr-1st Kaelin Friedenson 67pts
C-1-1st David Goodwin 55 pts
2nd Ned Poffenberger 24 pts

SUP- 1st Julie Lang 65 pts

K1B- 1st Mike Connelly 74 pts
2nd Payton Kulina 71 pts
3rd Dan Young 61 pts
4th Christopher Hren 59 pts
5th Eric Bailey 46 pts
6th Eric Friedenson 39 pts
7th Howard Moreland 35 pts
8th Adam Carson 28 pts
9th Joe Scoresby 5 pts
10th Daniel Allig 3 pts

K1A- 1st Danny Stock 160 pts
2nd Jake Jarnik 156 pts
3rd Jim Buley 135 pts
4th (Tie) Danny Kauffman and Jules Krinsky 127 pts
6th Josh Ellis 68 pts
7th Christian Horton 33 pts

Also, here is a nice video recap of the Chute Out, sent in by Kaelin’s dad Eric Friedenson. Kaelin is the little guy in the green boat.





Next MD Chute Out is Thur. June 26th. See you there !