A LADIES ONLY ACA Level 5 SWR Course on the Nolichucky River!

(Registration Deadline—Jul 19, 2014)


Whitewater enthusiasts participate in hazardous activities in wilderness environments. Are you prepared to rescue yourself or your best paddling friend?  Are they prepared to rescue you?  Help in many cases may not be immediately available, and might be hours, not minutes away. If you’ve already had the Level 4 Basic Swiftwater Rescue Class and are looking to sharpen the skills that will help keep you and those you care about safe this is your chance.  This will be an all-woman class.


The Level 5 Advanced SWR Course is one in a series of swiftwater rescue courses offered through the American Canoe Association (ACA). This course is aimed at anyone desiring the opportunity to further develop their rescue skills first learned in the Basic Swiftwater Rescue Course. Critical judgment and rescue awareness, impacting both personal and group safety, are emphasized throughout the course. Although new skills may be taught, this class focuses on developing judgment and applying skills in rescue scenarios that were first learned in the basic course.  The course will be predominantly scenario based in the context of a river trip—in other words, students will be moving downriver and responding to situations encountered along the way.  We feel that this is a logical progression from your previous training in the Basic Swiftwater Rescue Course and will continue to help you refine your judgment and proficiency under realistic conditions that can best be achieved in the dynamic nature of an actual river trip.


Your instructor Scott Fisher is an ACA certified advanced swiftwater rescue and advanced whitewater kayak instructor and has provided instruction to hundreds of individuals, including paddlers, outfitter guides, firefighters, rescue personnel and staff of youth camps.



• Reinforce skills leaned in the Basic Swiftwater Rescue Course

• Practice skills during multiple scenarios

• Refine and extend critical judgment through multiple scenarios

• Develop and practice more advanced rope-based and in-water skills


COURSE PREREQUISITES:  Students are required to have completed an ACA Basic Swiftwater Rescue Course and should be comfortable on Class III water.  All paddle craft are welcome.  Participants should be in good health and overall fitness, possess solid swimming ability, and be comfortable swimming in moving current during river drills.  Participants should dress appropriately for weather and temperature, and should expect to be in the water for extended periods of time. Minimum age is 16 years old.


MINIMUM PERSONAL GEAR: Type III PFD designed for whitewater use (Rescue PFD is recommended but not required), whitewater helmet, protective clothing suitable for extended swimming in cold water, closed-toe protective footwear, boat, paddle, whistle, throw rope, 15+ feet of one inch tubular nylon webbing, 2 locking carabiners, and 2 prusik loops (2 x 6-8 feet pieces of 4-5 millimeter polypropylene cord)


Where:            Friday:  Nolichucky Gorge Campground, 1 Jones Branch Rd., Erwin, TN 37650; Saturday: Nolichucky Gorge

Date:               Jul 25-26 (evening only on 25th)

Time:              Fri: 6–9 PM; Sat: 8 AM–7 PM (EST)

Cost:               $70; ACA members can deduct $5

         (Non-Refundable after Jul 19th unless replacement found)

Camping:       Nolichucky Gorge Campground, Erwin, TN

Note:                           We will camp together as a group Fri eve

Class Size:     Class will be limited to 10 participants


Click the link below to download the PDF Registration Form for this ASWR Course:



Questions: Feel free to contact Scott at 276-698-4644 or tfisher1@its.jnj.com