Wow, we have already had 4 throwdowns this year and June has just begun. With over a dozen competitors this past weekend in Wausau, Craig Esposito took the title again. Some flood damage has moved all of our throwdowns to the new favorite feature at the park “number 4″ and at the 4th throwdown Esposito pulled off a splitwheel, loops, cartwheels and racked up the points edging our Jeremiah Kramasz for the win by one point.

The most exciting part though is that the competition is growing! I am very excited for this years midwest freestyle championships because the intermediate class is making a huge leap forward in the level of competition and the experts are feeling the pressure from those coming up the ranks below. Depending on the result of the course construction, this year’s championships might be held at a new feature, changing the game completely. Instead of arial loops, godzillas, and phonix’s being the key to win, super clean cartwheels and splitwheels might be the game.

We’ll see though. it’s 2 months away yet and the rain keeps coming so opportunities to paddle continue here even into june which is unusual for Wisconsin. The long winter left us with a lot of water, so bring on HTTD #5!

See you all at Wausau in 2 weeks!