We started the last Reno HTTD of the summer with hail, rain, and lightning.  But then it cleared up and was sunny and cool. With the flash storm the water levels rose up to about 750cfs which let us use the competition hole for the first time this year.  Even with the bad weather we had a great turnout with Ruth destroying everyone throwing every move both ways.

After the giant group surf that ended in 8 pulled skirts and swims we enjoyed Ninkasi beers while taking home prizes from our sponsors:

Jackson Kayak, Ninkasi, SMITH, Mountain Khakis, IR, Astral, Kokatat, GoPro, and Chaco

See you in the Fall for the big headhunt race

Noah, Toby, and Colin

1. Ruth 227
2. Mary 45
1. Scott S. 159
2. Scott H. 141
3. Cyrus 105
4. Mark 66
5. Connor 51
6. Ben 43
7. Ryan 32
8. Manny 31
9. David 13
10. Jon Mark 9