May 17th marked the beginning of a new WK Throwdown season in the Seaway Valley :) and the Riviere St-Charles in Valleyfield Quebec.
The weather forecast was poor and the overlap with the 1st Habs VS Rangers playoff game knocked off a lot of local participants but we still had a great time and the group that came to play was awesome. Given the 7 to 1 loss by the Habs folks should have come out on the water it would have been more rewarding. And the weather turned from bleh to awesome for us as well :)

The group of six started the day  (Arno, George, Phillipe, Dany, Emily and Zach) started off with a little freestyle :) Loads of fun and mile wide smiles as we watched the several of the boys take on Manic and try their hand at 45 seconds of freestyle for the first time and a few of our locals tearing it up and encouraging the new. Spins, kartwheels, and a few bigger moves were in the mix. Some sweet beatdowns kept the judges smiling and the atmosphere was great.
Our judges have to apologize post event for a mix up: so the new order ended up as follows:. 1st place Zach (711), Second place Dany (115), Third place went to Arno (96), then Phil (51), Emily (35)and holding his own for his first ever hole ride we had George (25)

Part 2 of the day was the boatercross. A fiver person start with a single challenging gate  made for a fun show. Our local retentive hole lived up to its reputation and knocked over and held a few people. All good fun :)
Finish was Zach, Arno, Dany, George then Phil.

I even had a little time to introduce my new dog to the great fun of paddling.

Thanks to World Kayak, Mountain Kakhi, Chaco, Astral, SR, Kokatat and Jackson Kayaks for putting together some sweet prizes for our participants and helping to make this event and the rest of 2014 a success in the Seaway Valley :)

Thanks to the great paddler group that came to play and thanks to my wife Sylvie, without who I would have to remember everything and make sure I am in the right place at the right time :)

Next Throwdown is 19th. Same place same time: Hope we see you all there :)


Rob Z. (