The annual Cartecay Earth Day clean up was in full affect this year! While there were many festivities going on this past weekend, the festival was jumping!  It all started when people showed up for the race with very little advanced notice.  Everyone who showed up was expecting to have a great time and they did just that.   Scott Cox (10th place) was the happiest guy on the water with the smallest/slowest boat.  Sue Martin (the smallest and only girl) was just as excited to beat half the boys down.  With little to work with my son, Garrett, and some extra hands volunteered to stay out of the water and the race to lend a hand.  I couldn’t have asked for a better crew of helpers.
After the race we decided to just make a run for fun, and clean up at the same time.  Separate groups of boaters had already hit the lower sections of the river to clean it up.   While the race only lasted 24 minutes, the fun time was about 4 hours.  So with some much needed time on the water out of the way, we headed back to camp.
Upon our arrival at camp we noticed a good couple hundred people had met back there to help celebrate the  Earth day and the clean up.  With bands playing from noon till 2am, there was no shortage of fun.  Travis Collum cooked us up a huge BBQ and low country boil dinner so the kayakers had something to eat when they got back.  Rick Thompson set up an area next to his truck and some sand for the kids to play with trucks and other sand toys.  The River Scum Crew set up some beer pong tables and built a nice fire while Woody brought in some horses for the kids to ride on.  By night fall, the kids were worn out and it was time for bed.  The party had just begun!  The bands got better and the adult beverages flowed like the prohibition, and dancing was starting to take over the fields of the lower shop.  Corn hole, Frisbee tossing and beer pong was happening everywhere while just hanging out and talking kayaking was the best part, in my opinion.  After most people thought they had enough spirits for the night, or just super tired, all of the bands gathered around the campfire for some unbelievable picking and singing.  With instruments like the guitar, banjo, congas,cello and harmonicas this was not your normal jam session, this was magic!  As the camps where being broke down and the breakfast was cooking all anyone wanted to do was kayak again. Many first timers came with us and there were many people buying boats this week.  When talking to everyone after this event all I really heard from everyone was “WOW we need to do this once a month”. My goal is to try to make every event, this year, this awesome. That being said, look out for our next event coming in June.