Bad weather Wednesdays returned this week for the HTTD#3 held on the Floriston rapids.  We had 16 racers this time who navigated a fun course with one major move around a large midstream boulder requiring a full 360 degree path with several attainments.  As always the race was followed by Ninkasi brews in the parking lot where racers were part of a raffle for great prizes from our sponsors including: Jackson Kayak, IR, GoPro, Chaco, Rapid Transit, Kokatat, Astral, Ninkasi, Shred Ready, Stonyboater, Smith, and Mountain Khakis.



Jim         1:58

Sage      2:04

Mark     2:05

James   2:05.8

Scott      2:06

Claire     2:08

Cyrus     2:09

Ruth      2:11

Manny  2:11.9

Jon         2:13

Bob        2:14

David     2:18

Mary     2:40

Dan        2:44

Alex       3:00

Scott      3:10

Enjoy the Reno River Festival this weekend and join us in two weeks downtown for the last HTTD of 2014!!