Arkansas has been hit again by bad weather and devastating storms again this season and we can only expect things to get worse in the coming years.
Paddlers are a very important group when it comes to this type of community enrolment, cause unlike other athletes we are geared to survive and thrive in this form of weather and we have the expertise to help rescuers and the locals.
My first couple of years here in AR taught me about the local paddlers and how they contributed to helping local towns when a weather disaster strikes(even when they really wanted to make sure the take-out road was open). Like I was saying when a ice storm hit here AR boaters hit the local creeks and while there to boat they ended up helping the locals by clearing roads and delivering supplies to those whom were in need. They did this for several weeks and I never saw anyone looking for recognition or praise for the selfless acts they were performing or the money they spent to help others, no instead they talked about how great it was to get out help while trying to preserve there access to the creeks.

Community takes us all…