NOC #1 Throwdown Results: Newcomers Welcome!!!

Spring Slash at the NOC was host to the first WK Hometown Throwdown at NOC for the year. We had a great group of competitors that traveled from near and far to show us their best tricks in the hole. We even had an appearance by the one and only Clay Wright (in his lighting bolt Rockstar). We had some great guest announcers and there were smiles and laughs on everyone’s faces. For some the event was a family event with two sets of father/son competitors. Everyone had a great time and there was a great crowd!

We had 25 competitors for the first throwdown. There were plenty of cartwheels, spins, and loops galore. It was a great atmosphere and everyone had a fun time.


1. Rowan
2. Maria
3. Katie
4. Greta/Kat
6. Arianna

3. Corey
4. Noah
5. Devon
7. Max
8. Hunt

2. Eric
3. Spencer
5. Jeremy
6. Brad C
7. Brad B
8. Mike

Thanks to everyone for coming out, next event is the June 21st at NOC

Special Thanks to our guest photographer Tony Hartman (see the great photos below) and Scribe Amy. Thanks to all our great sponsors for making these events possible.