Well, after 3 weeks of waiting and hoping that our coldest and snowiest winter in years would bring a great paddling season, we learned that for the Wisconsin rivers…the snow would not do the trick. Over a month of temps just above freezing left the snow melting too slowly to bring up the river levels, and our new beloved manitowoc wave….too low to do vertical moves. But on April 12th, over 3 inches of rain fell bringing the wave up to the minimal level for intermediate level paddling.

Our first wave Throwdown in Wisconsin brought over 20 paddlers to the wave, introducing them to a new feature and advancing their skills. Everyone was dusting a little rust off but Steve Bletch pulled off continual clean spins both directions for the win. Sunday night another inch of rain fell building the shoulders and allowing for more control and a bigger pile left guys throwing blunts and pan ams.

We spent the whole week at the wave, getting our daily sessions in and watching for higher temperatures on the shoreline for our creeking season to begin….

Today, the weather once again delivered, 60 degrees in L’Anse, MI brought the rivers up a foot and a half in a day…and it’s still rising! So, tomorrow we head north. Over 40 inches of snow still remain in the woods of the hills on the shoreline, meaning a few weeks of steady water remains.

We have to give a huge shout out to Michael Koenig, liquid rush, and tom Schrader for their help with the Throwdown. Of course, we couldn’t do any of it without world kayak and the support of their sponsors. In addition manitowoc area businesses including Rowland’s brewery, piggly wiggly, the CVB and county parks dept. we’re great supporters of the event also!