A group of boaters from Spokane, Couer d’Alene and Bonners Ferry made an early season run on the Yaak River of Montana just last week and got a good show. It was just days after a spike in the gauge indicated that the ice dams had let go and levels were starting to drop as local temps fell back to normal. The Yaak River canyon is a favorite exciting and scenic day trip for local paddlers. This year we were able to get lucky with our timing and see some impressive eight foot to twenty foot high ice/snow walls along the river’s edge. At this point the only new wood to report was one piece in the last rapid named “Good to the Last Drop”. It is on river left just below the entrance to the rapid and can be seen with a quick scout. The log can be completely avoided if on line, but could become an issue if pushed off line to the left at the entrance. A group may try to clean the wood out over the next week. Stay safe and see you on the water.