What up! So I guess everyone’s already heard, but I’ll tell you anyway. Big South Fork went up to 28,000 cfs, totally a big blown out monster! So that being said, it’s probably not the best place to host a Hometown Throwdown under the current circumstances. So. I vote that we revisit the ideas of the Clear Creek Cup and the Big South Fork 8 ball race later on in late April/ early May.

We will revisit this in the Spring….

But what’s that leave us for tomorrow you ask? Well it’s about time everyone checked out Harker’s Hole on the Stones River in the Murfreesboro, TN if they haven’t already done so. If you don’t know the story here, Harkers was originally one of the spots we found in our scouting runs back a few years ago.

When we first found it, we had to crawl over rocks and under trees and brambles just to get out there. Since then, local volunteers have moved thousands of rocks in efforts to produce a dynamic surfing hole close to home.

The result is undeniably perfect. Harker’s now runs at way higher levels and is consistent at those levels as well. Check out this post I wrote a while back on it. But even since that post, even more work’s been done. Eternity Hole watch out! Here comes Harkers!

Now, I know this throws a monkey wrench into everyone’s plans, and I apologize for that. I really wanted to get out and camp or what not. But, if you’ll just forgive me, I’ll make something else cool happen!

I just checked the gage for Harker’s and saw it’s currently above two thousand, but its already passed it’s second crest and its on the way back down. I figure by tomorrow afternoon it’ll be back down to a manageable level.

Carlos Aranda getting busy on Harker's Hole

So here’s the plan. We will meet at Harker’s Hole on the Stones River in Murfreesboro, TN tomorrow at 1:00pm (CST). 2122 N. Thompson Lane is the address to punch in your GPS. When you arrive, drive to the back of the shopping center parking lot and we’ll be there. We will host Boater X and Freestyle events there in efforts to showcase the great work  that is Harker’s Hole!

Afterwards we will all hit up Toot’s for some wings and brews! Expect a raffle with cool prizes like always! See you tomorrow!