On Sunday 6th April @ Seaton slalom course there shall be a Home Town Throw Down,the idea is that the kayak club’s in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area shall come together and go head to head to see which club can claim the victory for best slalom club..

However there is only one stipulation, no slalom boats, only play/ river runners/ creeker boats will be allowed to enter..

How does the format difer from normal slalom racing?

Well each club shall have two runs with top 3 timings going through to the final, they shall have just one chance to beat everyone else to take the win for their club, the fastest combined times for the 3 runs from each club shall take all…. Especially the kudos of best or luckiest club in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire for Slalom…

Registration shall start from 9:30

I would like to know in advance what clubs intend coming..
My contact e-mail is Hdaznik@aol.com
Mobile number 07901500410