Whats up everyone? So I have some bad news about our first two events, The Clear Creek Cup and the Big South Fork Grand Prix. Since the events were to be set on Federal Government (NPS) property, the gov naturally wanted their cut. Their cut of what? EXACTLY. It was close to a thousand bucks for the two. I don’t have that kind of money just to throw it down on something that will bring me no monetary gain, not yet. Maybe one day. And it’s really not fair for me to ask the TSRA, Westroke, Walden Ridge, The Outdoor Experience, Bellyak, or World Kayak who stood to make nothing either, to pay for it.  So our first two “events” have officially been cancelled.

Chris Norman punks out Rodeo Wave!

Now, all that being said, since the posters went out all over the southeast, there needs to be someone there in case someone from another state didn’t get the memo. So we still plan on gathering for the two first dates, Hometown Throwdown style, not an event, which means just paddling and having fun as a group.  We will still have friendly competitions along the way. And afterwards  free gear raffles. You will still win points, and i will still track them through the series.  We will still award trophies to the winners of the series at the Rock Island Open!

Im out of options too, being already on our makeup dates for both events. So I promise you, no matter the water level at the creek, we’ll be at Lilly Bridge Saturday morning, at the time listed on the event page.  We were thinking about an ELF Gateway- Grunch sprint. Seriously.Lol.

Rami Ayoub, rocking the Spout at Rock Island!

As for the Big South Fork Grand Prix. we will still be there on Saturday Feb 22 and will represent Hometown Throwdown style, doing everything informally, this is not an event, as a group just paddling together having fun.

You still do have to come to all four dates to qualify to win the GoPro at the Rock Island Open. But to win the Jackson Kayak you just have to come to the Muddy Rivers Festival and do all events there, including waterfall SUP Race and disc golf!

So see you there!