Well, it’s definitely not kayaking weather here in Wisconsin. With the Packers Getting Aaron Rodgers back for the last game of the season to beat the Bears and head to the playoffs, we are set for an Ice Bowl II here. Sunday’s Temps will be -30 to -60 below 0! Even for us in Wisconsin…that is COLD! but I have found another way to help me keep busy if I can’t escape the cold….Snowboarding. It’s my first year attempting this and I have wanted to try it for years. Aaron and I went to indianhead Mountain cause they just got tons of snow. I figured it’s make the falls a little softer. While it was early season, only a few runs and 1 lift was open so we were limited with our terrain, but I didn’t really need much variety to work on the basics.

I had lasik surgery last year so I knew I needed some quality protective eyewear so my eyes don’t dry out. I bought the Phenom goggles from Smith Optics and They are great! They don’t fog, they fit great, and are super comfortable.

I heard rumors your first time down the slopes on a board means lots of falling, so I was also certain to get a quality helmet from Smith…the Gage worked perfectly. It took me an hour to get down the first hill….because i fell a lot, not because it was sooo big. The best part about the Gage helmet was that it has a clip on the back for my goggles to lock in. It was very helpful not only on the hill but so I wouldn’t lose them in the lodge when I took them off to warm up and relax a bit.

I’ve always know Smith Optics for their sun glasses which are great, but was very excited to buy their winter gear too and it was just what i needed to have a fun and safe first weekend on the slopes!