Hi my mates call me Dazza, however my wife calls me all sorts of different names that I maybe shouldn’t post up here…. But I call myself Daryn Hubbucks, anyway it’s worth the names to get that freedom of the wild white waters of Scotland.

I started kayaking when my 10 year old daughter asked to try it at a fun day at the local harbor fun day in 2007, so yeah why not, I decided to give it a whirl as well, well blow me over, I really enjoyed the freedom of floating around on flat water. To be fair this was new to me as I hadn’t been in a kayak for a very long time  (school pool) cough cough 1993…

Anyway around 2 years later my daughter and myself were still kayaking with a local club, Peterhead Canoe club. Then the time came that my daughter fell out of love with the sport. So you could say I really started boating about 2009 when I started doing the odd grade 4 rapid on such classic rivers as the upper Findhorn and the North Esk, I have now progressed to running such rivers as the Tilt, Moriston and recently the Upper Gloy. I must say I have a list, so long that would scare you, of the rivers I still need to get on!

I have met loads of great people and made some good friends through this great sport. In 2012 I managed to get away to Europe kayaking with those friends to Slovenia, which was  a fantastic holiday. In May I am headed to Italy to push myself on some of the grade 4/5 runs with another bunch of friends who I have met whilst kayaking over the past few years…. Very excited!!
I am just looking forward to next year’s race calendar of full on pure exciting race days on the river…Last year myself and a friend organised a few Boater X races on a few of Scotland’s beautiful rivers, the last one was the mighty dam released River Garry, which was a total success story and the first race of its kind on the west coast of Scotland. My main passion is river kayaking but I also enjoy creek boat racing such as the Moriston river race and the North Esk river race..

So that’s a little bio of my 6 yearrs of yaking.. Roll on the rains.