Each year, Wise County coordinates a massive cleanup of the Guest River Gorge. Tim McAfee is the point of contact with respect to having paddlers participate with the clean up. It is a great way to provide community service, and it directly impacts the environmental quality of the gorge.
This year, the event is on April 17th. We meet at the put in for the Gorge, and usually spend 2-4 hours in gathering trash along the river banks, and eddies. Lunch is provided, and we have a free shuttle back to the parking lot.
Most of the time we get to Toilet Bowl rapid and get shuttled back up. Obviously, water levels could impact whether we can participate. But even at low flows, we can scrape down as far as Toilet Bowl.
One of the reasons that kayakers are needed is to assist in gathering trash along the right river bank, which is not accessible except by crossing the river.
Please make every effort to attend. Please invite anyone that might be willing to help. 
Tim would like to know who is attending so he can advise the authorities.
Timothy W. McAfee 
E-Mail: tmcafee@mcafeelaw.com