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I was not too sure what to think when I received this pair of, well, Shoes? Boots? Closed sandals?  All of the above! . .  These are probably one of the most versatile pair of ‘foot wear’ I have owned.  I am pretty hard on shoes, and tend to wear the same pair around no matter what activity.  What I like the best about these are that I could be out tromping around in the woods or on the river in the day and then be quite comfortable as well as stylish wearing them out on the town for a nice meal.

chaco loung

early winter precip

 Men’s Tedinho Pro Boot Features

  • Light Weight @ 13.26oz

  • Gusseted tongue for snug ankle fit

  • Synthetic Lining

  • Poly-Canvas Upper

  • Re-sole-able, non-marking, sticky Vibram Pro Sole

  • Machine Washable

  • Lace up fit & comes with second choice of color