As the seasons change so do the beers from our favorite brewers Ninkasi.   With a cooler of Slayer and Oktoberfest on ice, the Reno World Kayak crew invited all of the locals up to the Floriston rapids on the Truckee River for the first annual headhunt.

Headhunts were a fall tradition on the Ocoee river in TN, we followed the traditional format with everyone chasing “heads” as they are tossed into the river.  Prizes including a

GoPro Hero III black edition,

Mountain Khakis glass belt buckle,

IR rash guard,

Chaco T-shirts,

and Jackson Kayak Beanies

were given out based on the random heads collected during the  hunt.  The prizes were followed up with a complete empting of the Ninkasi ice chest.  This was the last Reno HTTD for 2013, see you all in 2014!!