Over the last couple of weeks Zoo Wave has been in on the Upper Spokane as Avista increased flows to draw down Lake Couer d’Alene. With any luck Avista will increase flows again soon, bringing in Sullivan Hole. Some local boaters are heading north to run the Kootenai River in Montana, or across the border for some surf on the Columbia River in Trail, B.C. The Hero Hole and Rock Island Wave in Trail are favorites in the late fall and early spring(photo left). A good variety of user friendly features to choose from in one location with great scenery and a fun friendly kayak community, make it well worth the two hour drive. The Kootenai River flows tend to be lower during the fall and allow for a wide variety of lines to play with in the mile and a half long canyon. Again the scenery and river make it well worth the couple hour drive north. Hopefully the weather will turn to rain and snow soon, bringing the Spokane River up to surfing levels at Sullivan Hole. Hope to see you on the water.