World Kayak Sea-Tac region is made up of boaters of all ages, styles, interests, and experiences. Every other week, I ask a series of questions to one member of our community, and share their answers here:

Meet Carson

Where are you from and where do you live now? I am from Salt Lake City and now am going to school at University of Puget Sound in Tacoma.

What you do when you’re not paddling (what’s your day job?) I am a student studying Biology, Spanish, and Environmental Policy and Decision Making.

When and how were you first introduced to kayaking? I was in my first kayak with my dad on a beautiful flat water section in Idaho when I was two and have been kayaking on and off ever since.

What goals do you have for this year and/or your lifetime boating career? This year I want to become a better class IV boater and spend less time upside down. I also want to continue to teach for and expand the amazing Puget Sound Kayak Club!

What’s your favorite river/run in the Seattle-Tacoma area? At this point my favorite run is the Middle Middle on the Snoqualmie.

What is it about kayaking/rafting/SUPing… that you love? I love kayaking because it puts me in an environment where I must be adaptable and alert in the face of a force I cannot control. I love being able to look at a rapid and be able to see which currents to catch and to see the clear path through the insanity. I also learn a lot from the river about how to think on the move, how to make a plan but not freak out when it all falls apart, and how powerful the natural world is.

Who is your favorite person to boat with? Why? I love boating with my friend Tim because he has a lot of confidence in my boating skills and challenges me to push myself and become a better boater. I also love boating with my friend Clay because he is a very good boater, always a good person to follow through a rapid I don’t know, and is also a great teacher and motivator.

What boat do you paddle now/what is your favorite boat to paddle & why? This past year I have been paddling a King Pin 6-1 and a small Burn. I love the King Pin because it is so easy to stern stall and is forcing me to become a better boater because of its slicy edges. The Burn is a great creek boat for me. Very easy to ferry and turn and helped me off my first waterfall! I also just bought a Jackson 2Fun and can’t wait to get back to Washington to use it!

What is so great about paddling in Seattle-Tacoma? The Seattle-Tacoma area is an AMAZING paddling area. I am in Salt Lake for the summer and I am missing Washington so much because there is no water here. In the SeaTac area there are soo many rivers with sections for any boater from flat water to class IV/V. It was great for me because I came in and was able to move from class II to III to IV all within an hour of school. It is also a beautiful area to paddle in with great people to go out with.