Philip Byard (me) throws the Brown, from downtown…

Greetings World Kayak friends and family! I hope everyone is doing well and has found water over the past week, or is going to find some tomorrow! We keep getting fluked here, as we’ll have BIG pop up storms that last only a few hours, but that dump large amounts of water on our region. This is causing our waterways to just flash up and then right back down, making it hard to get on anything before it runs out of water. And to make matters worse, the USGS is busted for our favorite playspot, Harker’s Hole, on the Stones River in Murfreesboro, TN.  So when it says it’s at 4 feet, it’s not at all. So its a big let-down every time. Hopefully all this will change soon so we can start playing locally again!

me, launching off the Spout at Rock Island

Aside from that, big changes are taking place in my life. I’m getting married Oct 12th, and we’re having my bachelor party weekend during the Guest Appreciation Festival  at the Nantahala Outdoor Center near  Bryson City, NC. That’s Thursday Sept 26- Sunday Sept 29th!

Me, surfing Rodeo Wave, at Rock Island

I have taken it upon myself to rent the big cabin at Nelson’s Nantahala Hideaway for the whole weekend, and several of my buddies have rented the rest. We are going to lock that place down, and throw two of the most EPIC parties GAF weekend’s ever seen! Out front of the cabin is a big circle road, in the middle of which is where we’ll have our FIESTA!

That's me and my Fiance', Marisa Buford, in the red helmet…

I’m renting an awesome pro-quality sound system which we will set up on my buddy, Jay Warner’s flat bed trailer, and powered by generators, and rock some awesome tunes ranging from Slightly Stoopid to Nero, to whatever. We’ve got a whole dump trailer of firewood being delivered FREE for us to cut up and make a fire bigger than Carlos Aranda’s ever seen! “MOOOORE FIIIIIRE!!!!!!”


Several of our friends are small-scale beer brewers, and they’ll be bringing 5 gallon samples of their best high gravity brews! And if you’re a home brewer, bring some samples, we’d love to try it! Also there will be kegs of other Nashville craft brews to sample from, as well as your typical domestics. We encourage people to bring something at least, in efforts to make the beer last the weekend! If you’re a liquor person, it’s bring your own bottle! Legitimate ID is required to get a cup, but the beer is free, so drink up!

This one's on me!

We do accept donations though if anyone wants to help pay for the sound system or beer.  And if you have too much to drink, Nelson’s has agreed to let folks camp around the outside of the cabin, for normal per person rates. And there may be a few beds left in one of the cabins, if someone wanted to throw down some $ on it.  So, either way, no driving, rent a bed, pitch a tent, or just fall down and sleep right there!

That's me, at the Rock Island Open, after the Boater X race!

So if you want to, stop by Friday Sept 27 night or Saturday Sept 28th night to party with us, or come on in Thursday or Friday and camp, hang out, and help me celebrate the end of single life!!!