Elizabeth Decker rips it up in Rodeo Wave

What’s up River Family?!? I hope everyone found water this weekend and had a blast there. And if you didn’t, then I hope you find it next weekend for sure!

Chris Norman punks out Rodeo Wave!

I tell you what though, myself and about fifteen other middle Tennessee paddlers found some great water yesterday at Rock Island State Park. After a week of suspense as to where the Hometown Throwdown would take place, after watching our river levels plummet because the rain had stopped, I finally decided on Rock Island as the destination  for our final Hometown Throwdown of the year.


Philip Byard (me) throws the Brown, from downtown…

The event? Downriver Freestyle. The action all went down at the bottom of  Great Falls, where the water level was at a very friendly 1200 cfs. There was a folding hole at the top, followed by a nice diagonal wave, followed by Rodeo Wave, which was just retentive enough to keep you in there, but not super thrashy, so easier on newcomers.


Trent Thiibodeaux win an Astral pro-deal card!

Everyone had good runs, including myself, which is rare, because I very rarely compete. I just love the thrill of making these competitions happen!


James Tansley poses with some sweet gear!

So, this is my last event of the year. We will take a break till Winter 2014 when we will host our  Clear Creek Cup, followed by our Big South Fork Invitational, and then our Obed Classic. All these events will make up our 2014 World Kayak/ Westroke Plateau Creek Race Series.  So make sure you have some good cold weather gear and get ready to throw down with World Kayak this coming winter. It’s gonna be EPIC!!!!!!


Chris Norman wins a Mountain Khaki gift card!

Below are the results for our final Hometown Throwdown. Thanks to all who participated and volunteered! You will not be forgotten!


Elizabeth Decker lines up for a sick Loop!

1. Chris Norman — 47 pts

2. Trent Thibodeaux — 45 pts

3. Sam Gaylord — 44 pts

4. Philip Byard — 41 pts

5. Elizabeth Decker — 37 pts

6. “Bojangle” Graham — 36 pts


BJ "Bojangle" Graham wins some new Immersion Research boardshorts

Congratulations to all who participated!!!!!