It was a beautiful Saturday this past weekend for the Slalom Survivor fun at the Metro Hooch.


The water level was dropping from a high level so we casually took our time getting started.

Mark Mullinax and Evan Spyzinski enjoying the nice surf waves on the way to the course.


Richard Bronsky

The river level was dropping slowly but several eddies soon appeared and we set up our course.

The Course consisted of 5 eddies, each with a red basket as the goal.Patrick Toups


Each boater had five clothes pins to score into the basket as they navigated the course.Evan Spyzinsky

The goal was to get each clothes pin into the basket . Richard Bronsky

There is something about playing fun games on the river that makes them worth it.  Michael Dyer

It was great to see everyone give the course a try! Pete Gagnon

and even more rewarding was that everyone was a winner!Tammy Lea

I love to see the Huge smiles and the joy of accomplishment from the participants. Kristin House

Thanks to everyone who came out on Thursday night to just paddle after canceling.   I hope to see you all this Thursday Night!