Lower water lets new members challenge a drop

Well, not quite rivers. But facing the traditional low water point of the summer in Central Ontario, Perry’s Creek has provided real whitewater challenges to KWP Fun Run participants as Burleigh Falls has slowed to a relative trickle. As a result, paddlers are spending more time on Perry’s, sharpening skills like eddy hopping, reading and running,  bracing to avoid real pain, quick rolls to avoid a beating and dealing with finding yourself stuck in a hole. So while it’s a great place for skill development, it’s not such a great place for a competition open to paddlers of all levels. This has posed a challenge to Run organizers trying to come up with low water challenges but they stepped it up in Week 6 with a brand new event – the hand paddle boatercross.

Held on the same course as regular boatercross, Fun Run paddlers had to toss their paddles and navigate the course and the falls with just their hands. Some carnage ensured (no names) but Gavin, Terry and Zack pulled off first, second and third, good for 7, 6 and 5 points respectively. Fun Run race leader Tom was scheduled to feed the group for Week 6 and as a result was tied to the BBQ grilling up a mess of peameal bacon (cue the Canuck jokes) instead of joining the event. As a result, he picked up the default 5 points for the cook, enough to hold on to first overall.

Busting down to the bottom of Perry’s Creek

Week 7 did not bring more rain but it did bring the need for more creativity when it came to the week’s event. After Perry’s Creek saw what was likely the largest group paddle yet this season, KWPer’s took to the land for a rope toss competition. Taking first place was Todd, followed by Tony and Tom, whose 5 points were enough to stay ahead for another week. Top female through Week 7 is Haley Golding, who we are extremely proud to say was last week named to the Canadian team for the World Mountain Biking Championships, to be held August 21-25 in South Africa…….GO HALEY!!!

Just two more regular Fun Run nights to go, followed by the series finale on Saturday, August 24th. Next regular Fun Run goes Wednesday, August 7th in Burleigh Falls, 6PM. Come on out and join in the good times – current standings are below.

Run standings, end of Week 7 2013
Tom 30      
Zack 25      
Todd A. 19      
Terry 18      
Tony 17      
Trevor 17      
Hayle 14      
Cam 13      
Cale 12      
Colin 12      
Kamilla 12      
Mark 11      
Rob C. 11      
Sue 11      
Earl 10      
Stephanie R 10      
Chris 9      
Bruce 8      
Dean 8      
Matt 8      
Colleen 7      
Riley 7      
Rob K 7      
Gavin 7      
Doug 6      
Manny 6      
Spinner Dave 6      
Big Brian 5      
Daniel 5      
Rick 5      
Darryl 4      
Emily 4      
Marcie 4      
Pattie 4      
Brett 3      
Derek 3      
Jacob S 3      
Lora 3      
Pete 3      
Cole 3      
Celena 2      
Kees 2      
Leah 2      
Nora 2      
Ryan 2      
Sam Q 2      
Shirley 2      
Malcolm 1      
Pipi 1      
Travis 1