Fist time paddlers gather under the bridge at Burleigh Falls

It was a short turnaround week for the Fun Run Series, with
the week 3 competition going on Thursday and week 4 firing up on the following
Tuesday. While the Burleigh Falls level continues to drop, some area rivers are
posting freakishly high levels, providing opportunities to paddle spring
classics in the dead of summer.


KWP’s “Intro To Whitewater Paddling” program looks like a
success. Running for the first time, new paddlers have been showing up weekly
for the chance to get a concentrated 2 hour lesson from certified instructors, all
gear included. Week 3 saw 5 enthusiastic ladies hit the river to wet exit,
learn some basic strokes, take a stab at ferrying and then head into a gentle
moving current. All had a good time and we hope to see them back in the future.

Ready for swimmers at the washout after the blindfolded kayakers run the falls

Over the years the Fun Run Series has been held the most
popular event has likely been the ball drop. Quick synopsis – around 150
brightly coloured balls are dropped into the river just head of the pack of
paddlers heading downstream. Object is to gather as many as possible –
different colours are worth different points – some even negative points.
Different strategies come into play – risk running without skirt attached to
help gather balls but perhaps flip and forfeit everything or just try to stuff
them wherever possible? Whatever the strategy, it’s a blast and everyone gets
great practice hitting eddies and racing against others. First place was taken
by Todd Ames, followed by Spinner Dave and Tom Legere. Following the race was a
tasty spread of Jamaican jerk burgers and veggie burgers, salads, cake and ice
cream, served up by Terry, Lisa and Nora.

Week 4 featured another Fun Run Classic, the Blindfolded
River Race. Paddlers pair up and vote/argue/fight over who has to run the river
with a blindfold on while their partner paddles along shouting verbal
instructions. Hazards include rocks, other paddlers, disorientation and general
fear and nausea. It’s something every paddler should try, a truly unique
experience. 2 or 3 of the blindfolded bailed before finishing in the race,
posting DNF’s by removing their blindfolds.


Approaching the halfway mark of the2013 Fun Run Series Tom
Legere is hanging on to first place overall, with Haley Golding in the lead for
the title of top female overall. Full standings below. Still lots of time for other Fun Runners to

Run standings, end of Wk 4 2013
Tom 18
Zack 14
Colin 12
Trevor 11
Hayle 10
Terry 10
Todd A. 10
Cale 9
Rob C. 8
Stephanie R 8
Sue 8
Mark 7
Kamilla 7
Chris 7
Natt 7
Bruce 6
Dean 6
Earl 6
Rob K 6
Spinner Dave 6
Cam 6
Big Brian 5
Tony 5
Pattie 4
Riley 4
Emily 4
Daniel 3
Colleen 3
Darryl 3
Jacob S 3
Marcie 3
Derek 3
Ryan 2
Doug 2
Kees 2
Laura 2
Celena 2
Leah 2
Sam Q 1
Nora 1
Malcolm 1
Brett 1