House Run Rally 2013

House Run Rally 2013


This year’s race was so much fun!  We had six competitors, hot sunny weather and my friends Adrian and Kim Kurle helped us run shuttle for the event.  I would like to extend a huge thanks to Gray from Osprey Rafting for letting us use his private river access for the event.


Will Demarest was super fired up for the race.

Will borrowed a Dagger GT for the race.  The day before he and Tom Potter ran the race course and Will was certain that with the GT he was going to take the gold.  He kept telling me how fast the boat was.  I would think so since Will primarily paddles a play boat and I believe he would have been in the top three overall had he not flipped at Tinley’s.

Go Pro Shot of Lloyd and Adrian







Loading up boats for the race


Loading up for the race. Lloyd is a blank canvas on the right waiting for the next Artist.











The access to the House Run is right along Hwy 2 and there isn’t much of a turn out for vehicles so we had to be quick.  After we unloaded all the boats I looked up to see this amazing view up Tumwater Canyon.  We are truly bless to lived and paddle in this area.


Unloading Lloyd at the put in.


Looking up Tumwater Canyon.










Hiking down to the put in for the House Run.


Russ Ricketts from Icicle Tv made it out at the last moment to take photos.














On the hike down to the River we ran into Russ Ricketts from Icicle Tv.  If you haven’t been to there website check it out, these guys have been doing an amazing job of capturing all the outdoor activities in Leavenworth and the surrounding area along with the many festivals that take place in Leavenworth.  The Header photo and the following three photo are courtesy of Icicle Tv.  Thanks Russ for coming out and taking photos for the event!

Put in for House Run

Put in for House Run.

Willy D

Sun's out, Guns out for Will Demarest.
















Men's K1 at Triple Drop

Men's K1 entering Trip Drop.


The series of photos are courtesy of Matt Kurle.  These still shots taken with his Go Pro.


3, 2, 1, Go!


Can't see, just keep paddling.







Going up!


This is a great shot, looks like Matt is aiming to boof right on to Tom Potter.







Battling for position


Charging through Tenley Falls







Recovery at the finish, Wiil was set to win until he flipped at Tenley's


Loaded up and ready for Round Two: Long Boat Class








At the put in, ready to race tandems

Jackson Dynamic Dou vs. Tandem Mad River Canoe!

Starting line for the Tandem Race

Tandem kayak vs. Tandem Canoe









Charging through Triple Drop

Garrett and Matt charging through Trip Drop in the Mad River Canoe

Pool after Triple Drop

Jona and I making our move after Triple Drop









Right line at Tenley's

Charging down the Right side of Tenley Falls

Tenlely Falls

There are no ordinary moments.








Roll Practice

Rolling the tandem canoe proved to be a little more challenging although Matt was able to roll it solo.

The Juniors trying out the canoe

Will and Jona were inspired to take her for a spin. The did really well too.









Garrett in the Canoe

Entering Triple Drop


Three waves in and they were swamped.








Preparing to sub-out in the canoe



Dive, Dive!





























After the race, we went back to Leavenworth Mtn Sports for the awards.  This was another great year for this event.  We had good water levels and hot sunny weather. A huge thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the event!

Here is a great shot of Lloyd.

Adrian and his new Chaco Flips. Thanks man, for helping us with the shuttle.










Tom Potter at the Swag Grab.


Matt Kurle stoked after the race.









Kim Kurle with a Shred Ready card. She helped us run the second shuttle for the long boat class.




Pile of Swag, Thanks to World Kayak, LMS, Chaco Shred Ready.










Garrett Swigart, this year's winner of the Men's K1 division. Thanks Mountain Khakis!





Matt and Garrett

Matt and Garrett stoked at the awards.























The Results are as follows:


Men’s K1

1st: Garrett Swigart

2nd: Matt Kurle

3rd: Tom Potter

4th: Jean-Luc Robichaux


Junior’s K1

1st: Jona Schill

2nd: Will Demarest


This year’s long boat class: Tandem kayak vs. Tandem Canoe

1st: Jona Schill and Jean-Luc in the Jackson Kayak Dynamic Dou

2nd: Matt Kurle and Garrett Swigart in the Mad River Canoe



I would like to thank all the sponsors of the World Kayak events for 2013.  Also, Leavenworth Mtn Sports for donating prizes for the event and Monika Jacobson for donating several PowerBars for after the race.

Coming up next for the World Kayak Leavenworth region: The Chaos Challenge on August 17th.  Check back soon for more details.