Rami Ayoub, rocking the Spout at Rock Island!

Rami Ayoub was this year’s winner of our World Kayak Rock Island Open Race Day. Rami is a team paddler for The Outdoor Experience, in Cookeville, TN, and at 22, is making some heads turn in the Middle Tennessee paddling community! Rami’s boat of choice is his medium Karma, which he used to win BOTH the Boater X and the Timed Race on Race Day. Rami’s favorite places to paddle are the waterfall section at Rock Island, Cookeville local run  Spring Creek,  and Clear Creek, out on the Cumberland Plateau. His absolute favorite run is the Skykomish River in Washington because of it’s stoutness, crystal clear water, and beautiful mountain scenery. Rami’s favorite local playspot is Rodeo Hole at Rock Island at 2200 CFS. Rami Ayoub’s paddling goals are to start running Class V water, and continue to compete in Boater X and Endurance Races. When he’s not out there shredding it up on the river, Rami enjoys rock climbing, caving, and photography.

I had Rami answer some questions for me that I thought maybe could offer some other boaters advice, if interested in competing in whitewater kayaking. Here they are, with his answers. Happy reading!


Rami Ayoub and I posing with the Trophy!

How do you train for races?

Some of my training includes meditating in creek boats, furiously paddling flat water, drinking protein shakes out of river booties, and spending “Zen” time upside down in hydraulics.


What are your thoughts about World Kayak?

World Kayak is an awesome organization that got me addicted to competing in Boater X and Endurance style races. Expect to meet a very friendly group who specializes in many aspects of the sport- everything from Survival Boater X  to Freestyle Hometown Throwdowns!


What is your advice to beginner paddlers?

Practice kayak meditation. Be aware of your breathing as you paddle through the gnarly stuff. Are you relaxed or are you tense? A great place to practice is while surfing a hole- Breathe deeper and longer, slow your heart rate and control your adrenaline. Eventually, you will be enlightened.


So let’s all give it up for Rami Ayoub for his accomplishment of winning the TSRA/ Nashville World Kayak Rock Island Open – Race Day!!! Great job sir!! I definitely hope you keep coming back and racing next winter!


Awesome WK RI Open Race Day Trophy, hand made by James "Woody" Woodall!


For hand carved kayaking art, check out Woody Woodall’s FB page!