The super high water was too good to last but the level was still good enough for an exciting Week 2 at the KWP Fun Run Series in Burleigh Falls, Ontario. Perhaps sensing still lower levels in the weeks to come, event organizers decided on the Marathon for Week 2 event. Simply put, taking top spot in the Marathon requires excellent water reading skills, a solid roll, eddy control,

Big Brian casually heads over the falls

intimidation strategy, quick, efficient and safe boat exiting in sometimes rough and slippy conditions and top notch cardiovascular conditioning. Not saying many KWPer’s possess all these things, but they would rock this event if they did. From a standing start at the bottom river right bank, paddlers have to run up the road along side the river, cross the highway, climb down an embankment, put in, run the river and the falls, get out, toss the boat up on to the rocks and do it all again, stopping the clock when they run over the falls for the second time. Last year’s Fun Run champ Zack Fiddis managed to place first, 30 seconds ahead of Tom Legere who placed second and Colin Eade, coming in a solid third. In an attempt to pass Fiddis, Legere ran a middle line of the falls but neglected to follow through on a crucial boof, which resulted in a loud piton into some rocks lurking below. Thankfully, no broken bones but some pretty sore toes and a lesson learned.

New paddlers Scott and Ethan hoping to catch some carnage at the bottom of the falls!

Before the race, a number of paddlers stepped up to run Sketchy Left, an excellent secondary chute at Burleigh Falls which makes for a pretty decent creeking training spot. No real carnage last week, but one unexpected swim from a veteran paddler who was clearly feeling the shame.

Warm water, beautiful skies!

Week 2 dinner was an ample and delicious spread of short ribs, salad and 2 types of shish-kabob, courtesy of Steph and Cale Reeder. Standings after Week 2 are below, next KWP Fun Run goes Thursday, July 4th….Happy Fourth of July to our friends south of the border!

KWP Fun Run standings, end of Wk 2 2013
1 Tom 11
1 Zack 11
3 Mark 7
3 Cale 7
4 Bruce 5
4 Colin 5
5 Pattie 4
5 Hayle 4
6 Terry 3
6 Kamilla 3
6 Big Brian 3
6 Derek 3
7 Rob C. 2
7 Leah 2
7 Tony 2
7 Stephanie R 2
7 Sue 2
7 Todd A. 2
7 Daniel 2
7 Dean 2
8 Colleen 1
8 Sam Q 1
8 Nora 1
8 Earl 1
8 Ryan 1